Chlorine?  Why!
  Health Officials Have Concerns….But What To Do?

Why is it in our drinking and bathing water?  As it turns  out, chlorine will kill waterborne bacteria and many infectious diseases during the water delivery.  However, it’s being shown that over  time this chemical is not healthy for our bodies.  We shouldn’t be drinking water with more than 4 ppm of this chemical.  Health officials have concerns with trihalomethanes, (THM’s).


 THM's are formed in the water supply when chlorine reacts with naturally occurring substances like decomposing plants or animal feces.  Also, risks for certain type of cancers are now being considered over time with the consumption of treated drinking water.


So A Filter Is Just A Filter, I Think Not!

If you are not using a filter for your drinking and shower/bathing water, then YOU become the filter.

Protection Is Key To Our Health

With this we have been able to filter out all of the chlorine.

We do need some sort of protection to keep our water clean during the delivery process.  We’ve now learned that as our water gets to the end consumer, you and I, it should, be recleaned to make it safe for drinking, bathing and showering.  The chlorine used to help keep us safe is also killing us.  It's just taking a while to do it.

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp!!!  MMM!
Does Your Brain Get This Reaction
From Drinking Your Water?

Are you drinking the right water?  Water that will help remove toxins?  Or help buffer acids?  People should be drinking water that not only tastes great, but is easily absorbed by the body.  PH levels should be proper and your water should also have antioxidant properties too.  Alkaline, ionized water is the best way to go for great health.

Mind Blowing!

Your drinking water should be alkaline, ionized water.  Remember, your body runs at a 7.365 alkalinity and your body is around 75% water!  So it should make sense to receive the highest water intake quality to help your body work at it's best.  Make your water work for you! 

How much water should we be drinking?

What we're saying is it's your body so spend what you have to but take care of your body.  Our son died this year at 35 years old.  It absolutely crushed us, (mom and dad).  We gave him the tools, he graciously accepted our offerings then never used them.  Now we sit back and hurt.What else could we have done?  

When you are offered proven technology to better your life and the lives of those around you, take it serious. Your People are wanting to help keep you healthy and alive. 

Will Our Skin Keep The Chlorine Out?

Did you know our skin is the largest organ our bodies have?  The skin also has the ability to absorb things it comes in contact with.  Now think about the garbage in the water whenever you shower or bathe.  The skin is hard at work absorbing all the water it can while we are busy cleaning our bodies.  How much of this chemical is being absorbed into our bodies?  Oh, about two thirds of what we get.  Now one must wonder the damage being done.  Later I will be sharing the consequences of chemical intake into the body.


When we shower, the pores on our skin open more to take in the moisture.  That includes all the legal chemicals too!  However, that’s not all that’s happening to us in that wonderful hot shower.  As we’re in the shower we’re breathing and taking in all that hot steamy air.    Now, I don't want to be a super “party pooper” but the chemicals turn to the steamy vapor much faster and at lower temperatures than water!  

 “Cool huh”?!


While we breathe, we’re inhaling this steam in a gas form called chloroform straight into our lungs, then straight into our bloodstreams. 

As we look deeper into our "water" we should be thinking in terms of future health.  In checking with Wikipedia we are able to learn more about this chemical as it is in our water.

Bleach Bottle

No Need To Wonder Why!

Now, do you still wonder why cancer rates are so high?  This is not to say chlorine causes cancer, it’s said there are links, like chlorine in the drinking water may increase free radicals in the body which in turn promote the growth of cancer cells.

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