Aquasana Filters, For When You
Drink Water!

When your Aquasana Filters water filter is finished making your water great, just undock the pitcher and pop it in your refrigerator!

This is an awesome, cool filter to have and use in your kitchen.  No real waiting for your water now.  Fill the filter bottle, lay into the doc and "Poof"  it powers your water clean!  Now when you're finished with that get your drink then pop the container right into the fridge to make sure it stays ice cold! 

This is the counter top version which allows you to have the filtered water come straight out of your tap.

An awesome filter to help keep you and your family safe.  It will filter 60 contaminants and is NSF certified. 

Your Skin Will Absorb Up To Two Thirds Of What It Comes In Contact With!

This is the filtered shower head system we use in our home.  It does a great job in filtering and has been a very reliable product.  We also use the "Water For Life" too.  That puts us on an autoship at a predetermined date.  The shower filter is sent out every 6 months. 

This is the same as the regular shower filter system except it also includes the hand held wand.  You can also get the "Water For Life" with this too.

Aquasana Filters Can Be The Beginning Of A Healthier, More Alkaline You!

This is a wonderful example of the whole house water filter system.  These may be purchased in many different configurations to best suit your personal needs.

This is an awesome, stylish way to go by having your filters out of site and only the fountain mounted up top.  Nice and high so you can easily wash your veggies in clean water.  it's designed with a 20% higher capacity and a prefilter.

This example shows how the filter systems in the

"Counter Top Water Filter"

system works as it reduces around 97% of Chlorine, much of the microscopic particles, odors and more.

All of the Aquasana filters can be purchased with the "Water For Life"  which will insure you have clean water all of the time because the company will automatically send your filters out to you at the proper time.

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