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Every Company we choose to work with is a good upstanding company that we are proud to be affiliated with.  We will work hard to make sure everything is done with the utmost pride and courtesy in giving you, the consumer the best possible experience with us.   We hope you enjoy our site knowing your business is special to us!   Now, enjoy your time with us, favorite our site, purchase our products without worry and "Thank You" from Allan & Jeri

Ever Thought About Owning Your Own Business?

Wow!, I really didn't see this one coming! 

This business is crazy cool!  It's a direct sales company that has the latest in technology in working with "Free Radicals" or as they are now called  "Oxidative Stress"  Click on the pic to go straight to the site to join and to learn about the future of

"Making People Better"

Find Out More By Clicking Here

Have you ever thought about owning your own business?   Do you believe in yourself?

We couldn't wait to get started!!!!!!!!

Check out the this awesome company!

Does Anyone Remember Donny Osmond? 

Learn more and start your journey with the wonders of this awesome opportunity involved in the alkaline body industry here.

Our brain is nothing short of amazing!  I believe it's a biological super computer.  We should do everything possible to help it stay healthy!  

Technology & Products Are Finally Here For You!

Club Hydrate from AlkaViva on Vimeo.

And lets not forget SBI! 

How did I get this idea?

Well, way back in the dark ages, I wanted to make money online because I was in terrible shape after being diagnosed with MS.  So, playing online one day I saw an ad for SBI! by an affiliate named Lisa Irby.  After clicking on this link and over a period of time thinking yes , then no, then, yes again.  You know the drill, I decided to take a chance on this Lisa Irby's SBI!   I'm happy I did.  Lisa has steered me right for many years now in the online spectrum.  She always does her research and puts out a true work with high quality.  This lady has evolved her site into one called:

2 Create A Website . Com 

This is a site where a person will find and learn a ton of true info on how to handle a site and what to do to keep from pulling your hair out while trying.  Check her site out!  Well worth the time! 

Start  here to download your FREE-Book Masters Course With SBI! SiteSell 

A PDF File

This Netwriting Masters Course has been written by Ken Evoy to help folks maximize their online businesses.  He offers solutions to many of the problems experienced by beginners as well as many webmasters.  This free E-book will help to increase traffic.  Give you lots of  ways to do and not to do writing on your site.

It's Free here for you now so click on the red link to download your copy now!

Core Health Products

We are a Certified Core Health Products Affiliate Partner

Core Health Products

Core Health Products is one of only two companies on this planet with a formula such as M.E.D.S.  They promise complete delivery of the nutrients to a cellular level.  This is top of the line 21st century science!  We have been using this technology for many years now and are proud to be able to offer these products to YOU and your FAMILIES!

Take charge of your life now by clicking on the pic to learn and purchase these amazing Products!

Core Health Products

Aquasana Filter Products Are Wonderful Products For Every Home

We have been using the Aquasana lineup for quite a while now and are completely satisfied with the quality in their products.  This is why we're proud to handle their lineup for you and your family. 

whole house water filtration system

 Are you tired of having to run to your local plumbing store only to find out they're out of the filter you want? Now that you order the filter you wanted for your family from here, isn't it time you put that new filter in your kitchen or bathroom?

We here at Dead-People-Dont-Drink-Water want you to be able to drink water from the best available products and now be able to browse and order from your home with your confidence and safety in mind.  

Alkaviva can handle all of your custom filtering needs.

Check them out!

NutriSystem, Inc.

Being an Affiliate Partner With SBI! SiteSell Is Great!

Click Below to learn more:

SBI! SiteSell is an awesome company to work with!  SiteSell will help you in ever way to be successful in your online business.  Where other companies say "Oh, it's a free website"  What they haven't said is what the important stuff is going to cost and where to get it. 

SBI! CTPM Process

Help A Child In Need

 Although we are not an affiliate of Comfy Cozys For Chemo, we've decided this is a worthy cause and truly helps children that need our support while going thru some tough times with cancer and chemo therapy.  


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Drink Water Affiliate Sales of Alkaline Products
We are sharing Hi-tech ways to drastically improve your health every time you drink water while offering ways to earn a substantial passive income.
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Healthy Alkaline Filtered Water
Healthy alkaline filtered water makes the water like the human body. You know, 7.4 is required for optimal health. This starts with point of entry filter systems.
A Whole House Water Filter Will Change Your Life
The use of a whole house water filter is now a must to take out the harmful chemicals that are showing up in our city water systems.
Probiotics Are Needed To Maintain A Healthy Body, You Can Find Them Here
We offer probiotics and alkalizing supplementation may be purchased securely here from our certified affiliate Core Health Products site.
Fight Your Free Radicals A Better Way
Fighting free radicals just became easier! Reduce your oxidative stress naturally by using advanced sciences.
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Here's Whats New In Hydration And Becoming Alkaline
Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Tablets! These are so cool and help our bodies greatly! H2VIVA tablets are the best in the business
Aquasana Filters Water Filters Will Produce Clean Drinking Water.
No matter who you are or where you are, you need clean drinking water! We offer Great Aquasana Filters. Water, it's required for life.
Learn About And Purchase Alkaline Water Machines Here
Alkaline water machines are what we need in our homes today.

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