This Science Of Fighting Free Radicals Is So Crazy Cool!

Here is a link to a .gov page on NRF1 that I happen to find very interesting, oh, and confusing too!  Leave this tech stuff to the scientists.  Just way, as I say, "Crazy cool!" 

They are now working with genes in the body and working to get the mitochondria working better in us!  

Free Radicals Do Exist!

Free radicals or otherwise known as "oxidative stress" is what your body does in making you age.  Everybody has them!  It's just a matter of how many you or I have.  Me, I can't count that high.  Do you want to not show your age as much?  Science may have an answer in a way to help.

As we age, our cells produce energy and over time the waste from producing this energy starts to hurt each of the cells in our bodies.  At around the tender age of 20, or so, oxidative stress is already beginning it's damage.

Here we will take you to the site for a look at what they are saying about Protandim and nrf2.

Watching What You Put In Your Body Will Help You!

Tired Of That Muffin Top Or Beer Belly?

Now just for the record, this truly is not one and done!  This is a sensible weight management system designed from the top sciences to help folks get to the weight they should be at.  This along with other small changes in your dietary intake along with exercise will boost your success rate allot!

The left video seems to me to be all telling, in laymans terms, about bugs that live in our bodies. And how important it is to keep the good guys in charge of our microbiome.  It's important to have a good weight management system in place to help out the good guys and keep them in charge.  

The right side video demonstrates the impact of carrying extra weight around with you all of the time.  This is where a great weight management system can be of use in losing those extra pounds and helping to maintain a healthy weight.   

Montel Williams Speaking On His Health

Here is Montel Williams speaking with Dr. Joe McCord about the science.  For those who do not know, Montel Williams, like me, had been diagnosed with MS quite a while ago. 

A Link &  Pic Of Free Radicals From Wikipedia

Now if you had been thinking I'd love to be a part of this amazing science you might just want to click here to learn more.


Antioxidants have been the accepted way to fight free radicals for a long time now.  They fight for us on a one to one basis. One antioxidant to one free radical.  makes sense right?  Not anymore!  

There's a new sheriff in town, and it's called NRF2.  This is a new way of fighting oxidative stress. It works different than antioxidants in that it fights way better.

Advanced Sciences Helps Fight Oxidative Stress

We have all been told it's better to work smart as opposed to working hard.  This is what the NRF2 concept is all about.  Working smart by unlocking certain proteins in our bodies to unleash our own bodies antioxidants to fight for us at a rate of one million to one!

This, just a few years ago was unheard of.  A Million to one, nobody had ever thought of that happening.  Wow, Dr. McCord really found something great here with this.  But now will anyone believe it?  

Want To Know More?

Here are a couple of links for you to check:

ABC Live  A Short You Tube Video For You

More Science NRF2  So Much Advanced Science Here

Ready to Join us?  This link will take you to a page to learn more

If you are as amazed as we were with this science you can click here to go to the next step in learning about NRF2 like we did.  

As for using this on our Jakey dog, well he is an 11, (amended over two years later), our almost 14 year old big boy who had been getting to where he didn't want to be bothered with anything but waking up to go pee or wake up and go eat.  Since we've got him on the doggy version we have seen marked improvement in him.  He even likes it now when the great grankids come over.  He now gets totally excited like a little puppy.  It's actually comical to watch.  To us it seem like a miracle.    


We found this to be so good we have started using the canine version for our doggy too!  

May 1st, 2017

A sad update is that Jake passed away at around 14 1/2 years old.  Seems nature will take over at some point on time no matter what.

We feel that with Petandim Jake got an extra 2 years with us and we loved that.  We will recommend Petandim for EVERY adult doggy alive today!!!!!

  A short but true story to share with you.  He had gotten to where he would be not happy to see the great gran kids. (little ones, in diapers) In fact when they came near him he would growl at them.  Just a grumpy old guy I suppose.  Then came Petandim!  A wonderful and notable difference in him.  He then, after starting the Petandim, started getting excited every time the great grans came over. We laughed as our big guy would get so excited he would start crying when he realized they were here.  They could then come and pet him and he was happy for that.  

Big difference!!!!!!!!

The pic of our Jake is a link to the Petandim page.

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