Let's Explore Why We Need To Drink Water

We will cover the
"Power Of Three"

Why drink water, it's required for life.  When we drink water it needs to be clean!  We've come a long way and we know our water must be clean and safe.  This is one of the ways we build alkaline bodies!  Next is step is Looking at pH and ORP.   We get this from powerful alkaline, ionized water. 

Okay, we have some water.  What's next?  Enzymes, that's what's next!  Enzymes are responsible for every thing that happens in a body.  Yep, that thought you just had...... enzymes.  You just moved your pinky, uh huh, it took enzymes.  Yea you're getting it.

And now it'll really start to be fun.......... and possibly more confusing too.  this one is S.O.D.  

(super oxide dismutase)  Something that until recently only could be gotten from within the human body or by eating lots of fruits and raw stuff.  This is a way to get a one to one on antioxidants.  one antioxidant for one free radical.  Works cool huh.  But guess what, that just isn't enough.  By using the science and doing the cell entry thing you get millions of antioxidants being unleashed.  

 1 to 1 is what we get when we eat a normal antioxidant.   Which means 1 antioxidant for 1 free radical.   The amount of free radicals in an average adult body is approx. 13, sextillion, that's the number 13 with 24 zero's after it in free radicals per human body.  Yikes!   

But the science of nutrigenomics has allowed scientists to make a compound that can help control how antioxidants are being produced in the human cells of our bodies.   As little children our cells produce plenty of antioxidants, like running a water faucet full blast.   By age 20 this antioxidant faucet is starting to shut down.  By around 60 this faucet is all but shut off.  Scientists have found that as we age our bodies will produce less and less which in turn will allow for more rapid aging and disease.  Oh and one other minor thing, earlier the should be, death.

 A doctor found the way to develop a way to re-fire this S.O.D into the cells of the body.  To reteach the body how to send out the heavy duty antioxidants to fight for us at least on a short term basis.  This compound actually enters the human cell, unlocks a protein then enters the nucleus of the human cell, upgrading or down grading our genes to where they should be to keep us healthy.  

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Nutrigenomics is the way of the future for a great healthy body

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Is There A Need To Protect Ourselves?

Check out a video from the Dr. Oz show about Flint Michigan.  The problems they're having is not a one time issue.  This seems to be happening more and more as water systems age around the world.  So yes, protect your families by filtering your DRINKING & your SHOWERING water!  

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Take a journey with us to learn how something as simple as when we drink water, could be the answer to life itself.  It is thought that hundreds of millions of years ago certain comets collided with the earth with all of their  perfect, powerful, energized, alkaline, ionized, antioxidant water so all of that could blend with the lightning, thunder, our minerals and sun to produce something very special so we could live and thrive on this planet.

Yep, now that's hydration for you and me!  

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Here is a sampling of what they are bringing to the table.

Link straight over to one of our Alkaviva pages from here.

There is much more to come from Alkaviva soon!

Alkaline Isn't Just For Your Water

Core Health Products

Our Core Health Products line up is back with a brand new website!

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The word alkaline is for measuring your bodies health too.  It's not just consuming clean alkaline nutrition, but being able to utilize the water and foods completely at the cellular level.   This will go a long way to help keep a body where nature intended. 

We will be sharing allot about the importance of keeping our bodies in an alkaline state.  Also how to do this as we must try to keep our bodies at 7.365 to 7.4 pH.  Very important for life! 

We Will Be Looking At Why These Grapes And Other Foods Are So
Important In Our Bodies Alkalinity

Natures beauty and bounty requires water, these plants drink water just like we do.   Wow, looking at these wonderful grapes makes my mouth water.  Not only do they taste great but the antioxidants in them for the lucky person eating them is astounding.  Foods like these will help you to make a more alkaline body and mind.  They even contain resveratrol helping in longevity for those who partake on a regular basis.  I think I'll go to the store and buy some!  YUM!!

 For The Sports Minded People On The Go

What Should I Expect When I Drink Water?

With our lives riding in the balance we should not only expect, but demand the very best technology has to offer.  We don’t want to drink chemicals!  Drinking chemicals, just thinking about that sounds awful! 

Yet we drink chemicals every day with city water.  Chlorine (Bleach) is an additive in most people’s water.  We’ll discuss this later in the site.

So what should I expect?  When I drink water I should expect crystal clean, chemical free, pollution free, mineral packed, good tasting, 7.4 alkaline water.When you drink water from a Vollara LivingWater Counter appliance with Direct Disk Technology. 

 This is what we pay for, or do we?  With this unit we truly get what we pay for, PLUS.  This appliance does deliver what the folks promise.

One of the most reasonably priced units on the market today and the ONLY one with revolutionary patented "Direct Disk" ionization.  Smart technology!  All from a company that stands behind and in front of their products. 

 Crystal clean, mineral packed,               

  ionized life giving water!

Water Is Boring, Why Do I Have To Drink It?

Two thirds to three quarters of the earth and the human body is water.  Since the cells in our bodies are mostly water, it stands to reason we need to feed these cells with life giving water.  We’re talking alkaline water, you really don’t want to drink acidic water. 


With only a 2% drop in water content in our bodies, we feel tired, sometimes confused or forgetful

“I forgot….. I’m so CONFUUUUUSED!!!!!!!” 

The need for hydration is monumental!  Get my point?   Yet many people say, “If I drink all that water, I will spend all my time in the bathroom!”  But, not drinking enough water will kill you.  People who drink the proper amount of water are more productive and healthier.  Yep, we’re even talking fewer sick days from work too. 

Folks, this isn’t the 1950’s any more!  Tell the boss, she or he needs to  drink water too, and give you a potty break!  Everyone will benefit.


I guess it boils down to this, like it or not, you can drink the proper amount of water, or you can be dead.  And trust me, it’s a slow and painful kill! Which would you prefer?

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking Every Day?

Experts are saying we should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces each day of alkaline water for optimum normal performance.  However, this figure doesn’t take into account the times when we are using more energy or the kind of water which will do the best or the worst to or for our bodies.

What we are finding out is almost everyone needs to stop and drink water on a regular basis! 

  The good, the bad, and the ugly in water will take an entire section of it’s own.  Yup, it’s that important! 

SBI! CTPM Process

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