Healthy  Alkaline  Filtered Water
Ok, So We Need Water, But Why This Alkaline Stuff?

Scientists learned although we need water, it should be healthy alkaline filtered water for the absolute best results. 

Not the garbage we're getting! 

Even though we must give city water systems credit for making the water a little bit safer for us.  The people in charge won't tell us the water needs to be FILTERED at the consumer end to be truly safe for our bodies.  Again, we are needing a healthy alkaline filtered water so we can not only exist, but thrive in blistful great health! 

It works out, we as humans are more than 2/3’s water, closer to ¾’s.  The majority which is a 7.4 alkaline pH (Potential of Hydrogen). 

A car engine is a good comparison to a human body.  If the manufacturer calls for 89 octane gas and you use 87, well the car will run but not at the optimum  performance level and will not last as long as it should.  

In other words, your car WILL die sooner than you would like………………


We Want You To Last As Long As You’re Supposed To!  Or Longer

And at your optimum levels too!  Filtered water is a good start to remove the junk in your water that you don’t want there. 

We also need to talk about what you do want in your water.  This site is for the U.S.A.

It will let you know what’s in your tap water.

So How can We Get This Healthy Alkaline Filtered Water?

What should we be doing?   Point of entry filters by Alkaviva are a great start.  Let’s also add a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower/tub filters too.  Keeping everything filtered will greatly help us to live a healthier life. 

Where Can We Find These Filters?

For whole house point of entry filters choose a brand name in the filter industry.  Most folks will need a plumber to install point of entry filters.  You will also need to have a company that will get you refills when you need them.

However, as far as smaller point of use filters many home owners are capable of easily doing those as a weekend “Honey Do!”   But again, refills are as important as the original purchase.  You should want a company that can put you on a autoship so you will always get the right filter at the right time. For a whole house filter system we will Again recommend the Alkaviva filter systems.  Here are some reasons we do.


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What’s Next?

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