Filter, Filter, Filter!!!
A Whole House Water Filter Should Be A Critical Part Of Your Life!

A whole house water filter is a great way to protect us and our families from things that are so tiny we can't even see them,  yet they can kill us.  Nowadays we all know we must protect our families.  We also know our water is pretty good and we know our cities put chlorine in the water supply to ensure getting the water from point of origin to the end user in a relatively safe manner.  However, it's up to us, the end consumer to put the finishing touches on the water while we protect ourselves. 

We do this by filtering the bad things out while leaving the good things it.  Drinking water filters, shower water filters and whole house water filter systems are available at reasonable cost. 

What Is Reasonable Cost For A Whole House Water Filter?

Reasonable cost? Cost will for whole house water filter system will vary from a few hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand dollars depending on your water filter needs.   We need to equate the cost of filters versus possibly many more years of healthy living.  Being able to go to your faucet, grab a glass of water and not have to worry, is in itself worth the price of a complete filter system.

Whew, How Much?

Let's remember we should be drinking approximately half of our body weight in ounces of water per day.  It must also be at least a 7.4 pH to work best with our bodies.  The better the quality, the better the quality of our life. 

We sit here, each of us with bodies made of around 75% percent water.  Now that is important as in how we keep our brain and other important parts hydrated. 


When an auto manufacturer recommends premium gasoline in their car and you put in regular, the chances are the car will run but not as good as it should, the performance will be poor and the engine will not last as long as it should.  In other words the car will suffer.  With drinking poor water you can expect your body to do the same.

Okay, I Get It, Where Do We Get A Great Filter?

Let's look at where we can get some filters.  We can get a whole house water filter, drinking water filter, shower water filter, all in the same place. 

What's even Look for the whole house filter section nicer and more convenient is being able to get on an AutoShip program so you will always have your filters delivered when needed.

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Regular or diet soda is 2.4-3.3 ph

A human brain is 85% water

pH stands for potential of hydrogen

ORP is Oxidation Reduction Potential

Tap water might contain up to 90 legally allowed chemicals

Many people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty

Ionization restructures the water

Healthy pH

7.35 - 7.45

Semi Healthy pH


Chronic Diseases pH


Cancer pH

6.85 - 6.95

Coma pH


Death pH