When you drink water,
If you don't use a filter, you then become the filter!

This is an awesome, cool filter to have and use in your kitchen.  No real waiting for your water now.  Fill the filter bottle, lay into the doc and "Poof"  it powers your water clean!  Now when you're finished with that get your drink then pop the container right into the fridge to make sure it stays ice cold! 

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Your Skin Will Absorb Up To Two Thirds Of What It Comes In Contact With!

 Filters Can Be The Beginning Of A Healthier, More Alkaline You!

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Regular or diet soda is 2.4-3.3 ph

A human brain is 85% water

pH stands for potential of hydrogen

ORP is Oxidation Reduction Potential

Tap water might contain up to 90 legally allowed chemicals

Many people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty

Ionization restructures the water

Healthy pH

7.35 - 7.45

Semi Healthy pH


Chronic Diseases pH


Cancer pH

6.85 - 6.95

Coma pH


Death pH