Which Network Marketing, MLM, & Direct Sales Companies Work Best For Me?

& What Does 

Network Marketing, MLM & Direct Sales & Affiliate Sales Have To Do With An Alkaline Body?

It seems network marketing companies are here to stay on a global scale.  People can now make as much or as little money as they want to make.  Even regular sales companies are utilizing forms of direct sales by offering their customers ways to earn their products for free by telling others how much they like the products and when the friend buys the first customer reaps a benefit on the sale.  Sometimes on more than one level.  

The Concept Of Network Marketing Made Easy

In this short video below Dr. Dondee Nettles explains the concept of network marketing and why its a better plan.

Health and wellness companies are no different.  Many now offer different ways for folks to earn a decent living, even for some, on an international basis.  

Some companies even offer types of medical health insurance and some also offering willable businesses for those who have achieved higher goals and want to pass their businesses on to their children and families.  

The nutrigenomics, nutraceuticals, alkaline body, and water industries are no different.  Companies have made huge gains in how your vitamins minerals and antioxidants are received, delivered and utilized throughout the human and quite frankly, the mammal body.  

This is why we offer this site to all who want to live better and also to those who want to earn money while trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  The companies on this site are ones we used and have been using for years.  I trust these companies products to my grand and great grand children's good health.  

It has occurred to this writer that EVERYONE on this planet should be able to take supplements that are 21st century quality and drink water that is clean, good tasting, alkaline and free from poisons like lead, arsenic, PCP, and a host of other bad things.  Modern science has made leaps and bounds in clean healthy water.   

These are things we should be utilizing to help our bodies to reach their full potential. And a longer healthier lifespan!

How Did We Choose The Companies We Deal With?

As a person diagnosed in the 1990's with MS I had to figure out how to stay alive.  This led to a long trial and error method of what to do and what not to do.  Eventually I learned what was best for me.  I'm still evolving and still standing upright which was something my VA doctors did not expect.  For the record, in the past the doctors had me on Beta Seron, YUK!   Through leading a more alkaline lifestyle I am no longer taking the Beta Seron drug or any drug for that matter.  I am still walking and can now even kind of jog although running is out of the realm still at this point.  Sure beats a wheel chair!  I am making no medical claims here about any products.  I will say by lowering my oxidative stress has helped my body to do things I thought were not possible anymore.  

I give credit to these companies that make these products available to me and others like me, for investing the money needed to develop the sciences needed, the testing and giving us the chance at living.  Without companies that give the little person a chance, I wouldn't be here.  

The network marketing and affiliate companies you will find on this site are all sound and good companies.  Some deal in products built in the U.S.A. and some build elsewhere.  But all are super high quality and they all back their products to the max!  

They take science very serious.  As far as I can see the folks in these companies have their kids on these products on a regular basis.  

Word Of Mouth

Proud to offer the LifeVantage opportunity here!

You won't see direct sales companies on your TV every night during prime time although every once in awhile a company will put their name out there for people to see.  We the dealers, distributors, affiliates, for the most part, do the advertising here on the internet and locally ourselves thus freeing up money for scientific progress of many products.  

However, this is one example of how some companies do get their names out there to help the distributors sell their products and build the individual businesses.

What Do We Do?

In our particular case we promote businesses and products we successfully use.  

We enjoy sharing our success with any who would like to improve their health and see the vision we see in sharing while earning.

What Do We Look For?

In the network marketing business we have found consumable products help to build an awesome customer base in your business.  We have been with a number of network marketing companies since around the year 2000.  The health and wellness and now skincare has to be the best way to go.  

When you have people returning month after month for reorders this will easily put some serious cash in your pocket. Then there is also the residual part which can be mind blowing, but only if you are willing to work hard helping others.

We also have found that how the company treats their people is also a key to the distributors success.  

In the world of supplements and now, nutrigenomics, we looked at the quality of the products.  Do products in the companies have NSF certification?  If the answer is no, then I cannot deal with those companies.  Do they own the science behind the products?  This also is important.

We able to sleep at night knowing the products we offer and people are taking and giving to their children are totally safe.  With LifeVantage we know they are.  

If you haven't noticed, our thoughts on this company are great!  This is a five star company with five star products.  

This company is also a publicly traded company on NASDAQ  Under the banner:                                                                       


Here is an e-mail addy for contacting us about LifeVantage:


What Is LifeVantage?

Really proud to be with this company!

This is a company who's science is astounding in that a couple decades ago nobody knew anything about nutrigenomics type of cellular activation and honestly most still don't. These products are of the highest quality to insure the consumer gets the most bang for their buck. 

This company offers a life changing opportunity thru  direct sales and network marketing for those willing to, and wanting a better life.  We control what we make.  We choose not to trade a block of time for a block of money.  This business in a way is a franchise owned by us.  This is what people call a direct sales company.

We know you're busy, however, if you want to fire your boss or just earn some extra money click on this link to start or even to just learn more for yourself.      We will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you to succeed in life.

What Is Vollara?

Vollara is a healthy living company with products we are using everyday. Their products have been running through our bodies since around 2003.  Why?  Because the really work great!

What is Alkaviva?

Alkaviva is a direct sales company out of Reno Nevada they also are into healthy living technologies.  They stand behind their products.  We're proud to be part of this company.  

What Is SBI!

Without Solo Build It! this website would not be here.  They are responsible for all the technology you see here.  We have been with Solo Build It! for many years now and are totally satisfied in their people and technology.

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Regular or diet soda is 2.4-3.3 ph

A human brain is 85% water

pH stands for potential of hydrogen

ORP is Oxidation Reduction Potential

Tap water might contain up to 90 legally allowed chemicals

Many people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty

Ionization restructures the water

Healthy pH

7.35 - 7.45

Semi Healthy pH


Chronic Diseases pH


Cancer pH

6.85 - 6.95

Coma pH


Death pH