Alkaline Ionized Water Is Our Future!

Here you will find the help you need to bring your body back to the alkaline body it wants to be.  From the water you drink to the supplements you treat your body too each day.  

Since our bodies run at a 7.365 pH we must try our best to keep our bodies running smoothly by watching what we put into them.  Soda pop, as for me, I've said no because soda pop is only around a 3.0 pH.  This number is quite acidic and to undo the effects of one soda we need to drink around 30 glasses of alkaline water.

I have found that after drinking soda pop for 50 some years it is one of those things I hated to stop.  And I do every so often say I want that "Orange Cream Soda" so yea I have it!  But, very seldom any more.  The way I see it, it just isn't worth the problems it causes.  

Since getting off of things like soda pop, and I've started eating more raw foods, dropping processed sugar, over time I've lost around 40 some pounds and I wasn't even trying. Oh and by the way for the most part I don't even miss these things.  

For sweeteners I've went to Stevia.  Works great and is all natural.  I've also just learned about hydrogen rich alkaline water tablets.  Research is suggesting that soluble hydrogen is the ultimate antioxidant.  And I can feel the effects as I'm drinking it.  The water seems to go down great and I find my body saying "More Please".  

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Alkaline Is For More Than Just Water

As we grow into adulthood our bodies are just as needy as when we were children.  And what do most people do?  They work harder and think less about their bodies.  That is, until their bodies fall apart.  Then it's why did this happen?  Why do I have diabetes, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, (yea that one was me), other auto immune diseases,  adult ADHD, bad allergies, alzheimer's, liver disease, the list goes on and on.  

Folks, we need to recognize the need to take better care of our bodies. Whatever it takes to keep these bodies at the alkalinity level it needs to be at.   

How To Maximize Your H2Viva Experience from AlkaViva on Vimeo.

This is a product I have started using and am totally pleased with how much better I'm feeling! 

I have begun using this awesome product and it I really feel the difference.Feel The Power With H2 Viva

By looking the chart on your left you will see the 3.0 alkalinity is not a good level to be putting in your body.  The difference in these levels are not in the ones and twos, but in the millions on each number level! This will affect millions of cells in our bodies.  

What are people saying about the treatment of "Acid Reflux Disease"?

 Taking care of this is first knowing there WILL be problems down the road.  I like to use cars as examples:  

If you buy a new car and don't do the oil changes and do the normal maintenance when you are supposed to, the chances are your car will not last as long as it should.  In a side note, I bought a new truck this year.  It was getting decent mileage, then I had the first oil change done for me.  

Since the oil change my truck mileage has jumped up by around two MPG.  Better oil was put in the vehicle and now I'm reaping the benefits!  

What you put in does make a difference!  

Our bodies are the same, they, in effect need oil changes and regular normal maintenance to keep in tip top shape, or the new word is alkaline.  Or at least a decent shape. 

Just for the record, this body maintenance costs money no matter where you live.  And, everyone gets what they pay for!  Buy cheap and you will get cheap.  Sometimes, even when you are careful you still don't get what you think you are getting. So double check all of the companies you deal with.  

I have found that the companies that do the heavy advertising are the ones that more or less have the older 20th century products, they sell them cheap and again you get what you pay for.  

There are newer companies that have come into existence in the 21st century who have multiple pier reviewed university studies backed by many big time PhD's and scholars from all over this planet.  These are the companies I buy from and yes, they're not cheap, but what they offer does work and works good!  I pay more, but I get more!

These technologies are very advanced and are working at the cellular levels now to help produce alkaline bodies .  Even many of the business models are different from the 20th century.  Many of these companies are going with the MLM models because there is more money to go for research and development.  These are the companies I like to engage.

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Regular or diet soda is 2.4-3.3 ph

A human brain is 85% water

pH stands for potential of hydrogen

ORP is Oxidation Reduction Potential

Tap water might contain up to 90 legally allowed chemicals

Many people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty

Ionization restructures the water

Healthy pH

7.35 - 7.45

Semi Healthy pH


Chronic Diseases pH


Cancer pH

6.85 - 6.95

Coma pH


Death pH