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Drink Water Alkaline Tips And Promotions
January 06, 2017
It's A Great Day!

Hi everyone, Allan here with

Yup, I know this is late!

However, I had house problems that had to be taken care of. Nothing important, just an outside wall framing and floor joists that had rotted out! Still not finished but none the less I got them better than they were. This job bugged the S@@@ out of me! And reminded me of what I needed to talk about this month.


: The holidays are when we all eat way to much junk and most, me included, don’t get the proper exercise to combat what we do to our bodies. Thus, our poop ends up being really, um, crappy?

How do we fix it?

First, what is poop? Poop is a natural way of expelling waste. Truthfully, to know the health of the body, this is gross, but look at your poop! It will tell you a lot.

Tis The Season

As you eat all the sugars during the season your body will fight back. But, the truth is you might not like how your body fights back. Below, you will see a pic of the chart with different good and bad poop. What we should be looking for is on the chart as a type 3 to a type 4. As we spoke before and an earlier newsletter, when you bring in nutrition it is up to the body to digest it. Now, during the holidays you bring into your body a ton of garbage! This garbage is probably not even digestible. At this point you are way over taxing your pancreas which puts a strain on everything else in your body. What you are doing is trying to run undigested food through your lower GI tract. You see, it just don’t work like that. That part of your body is supposed to process digested food. When you run undigested garbage through the lower GI tract you’re asking for trouble. And trust me it can give you major back door problems!

I promise you, you are not Pepto-Bismol deficient.

What Helps

One of the things it will help is to just indulge with moderation. We want to make sure everything heading into your intestines is digested. This makes a strong consideration for the use of probiotics and enzymes. As there are many different kinds on the market, I recommend, DigestiveHealth from Core Health Products. This product you can purchase through my web site.

Core Health Site Sure, there’s lots of different brands out there, so what makes this the best? When you do the homework you find other brands don’t have many of the essential pieces of the puzzle. What we look for is something that will help to build good bacteria in your lower GI tract. DigestiveHealth has the building blocks to do just that.

What Else Is Needed?

Water is another key to good digestion. Knowing our bodies are approximately 70% water, we need to be drinking plenty of alkaline, ionized, clean water. You should note, water is not just water. The water we put in our bodies needs to be better than the junk that comes out of the faucet. City filters just aren’t able to filter water enough. This is where we must protect ourselves and our families from the bugs that can grow in the pipes coming into our homes. Remember Flint Michigan. Filtering systems are available from many companies. My website also handles filtering systems along with ionizing machines too. Remember, if you do not filter your water, your body becomes the filter.


Bacteria play a huge role in digestion and throughout our entire body. This is why it is so important to try to keep the good bacteria in dominance of the body. When the bad bacteria takeover is when all hell breaks loose in the body and when the gut problems begin. The bad bacteria feed your body with bad information.

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus nerve is connected to the base of the brain. When bad bacteria gain control that, it triggers inflammation which is very bad for the body. Inflammation is the beginning of all disease.

What Color Should My Poop Be?

Poop should be normally brown, people do experience poop that are other colors.

Info I Never Knew!

Why is brown the normal color of poop? The reason is the same for a poop and pee-pee. Poop contains chemicals from dead red blood cells. Red blood cells are made in the bone marrow. It takes about seven days to make each red blood cell. Our bone marrow produces around 2.4 million red blood cells per second. These red blood cells are only good for 100 to 120 days. After that they begin to get stiff and have difficulty getting to where they’re supposed to go into tiny capillaries. As the red blood cells begin to get old they head to the spleen where they begin to be recycled. During a complex process, the worn out blood cells travel between the spleen, the liver, the gall bladder and the duodenum where leftover chemicals from the dead cells color the poop as brown. During an intermediate stage this chemical ends up in pee-pee in a form of yellow. Black poop. If you’re poop is black, that could be a sign you may be bleeding internally. If it lasts for more than a couple days, see a Dr. Redish or purple poop can be somewhat common for those eating lots of deeply colored veggies like beets and other dark veggies. Poop that is yellow or grayish is not good. It hints there are internal problems, and if it persists, see your Dr.

Are You Stressing?

Since we now know the brain and the gut are intertwined, if you are stressing that will have an affect on your gut and your poop! And again, stressing builds inflammation and inflammation is bad. Inflammation is done because of free radicals. When you get a predominance of free radicals in your body that will be the beginning of disease again which starts with inflammation.

Fighting Inflammation

Fighting inflammation is done with antioxidants. Antioxidants are sold all over in stores. However, the best of the best can be purchased through LifeVantage. It’s worth noting that LifeVantage’s Protandim is NOT an antioxidant.

Superoxide Dismutase

They have found a way to help the body produce S.O.D. {superoxide dismutase}. This is normally produced by the body through the human cells to combat free radicals which are causing inflammation in the body. As we age we don’t produce S.O.D. like we used to. Less S.O.D. allows for more inflammation

A Better Way To Produce Antioxidants

This is where Protandim comes in. A 21st century type of what you would call a better way to combat aging and inflammation. A supp that gets to the cells and tells the body to do what is supposed to do. Stop the inflammation, stop the discomfort, slow down aging, aid in digestion, and that all makes for better poop!


If we take a good digestive aid, drink lots of alkaline, filtered, ionized water and use the best antioxidants available your poop should start to become normal.

Happy New Year Everybody


My Club Hydrate H2 Viva

Here is a link to our Alkaviva site for great nutritional water

My buddy Shan Stratton, owner of Core Health Products, says, and I agree,

“If you do the same things today that you did yesterday, you will have the same problems tomorrow that you have today." It’s time for change in our gut to produce a better tomorrow.

Good News!

We are now accepting sixteen new people who want to become involved in the field of nutrigenomics for long term benefits.

Live healthy with by following healthy habits which include the Nutrigenomics from LifeVantage.

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