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Drink Water Alkaline Tips And Promotions
October 19, 2016
It's A Great Day!

Hi everyone, Allan here with


Yes, if you do the same things today that you did yesterday, you will have the same problems tomorrow that you have today!

It's time to help your body out and start to reduce the oxidative stress levels. This should be done on a daily basis.


This is done thru antioxidants. The body does produce some pretty potent ones. However, as we age our bodies produce less and less.

We start out producing antioxidants like crazy. Like a faucet turned on full blast! But by the ripe old age of twenty, this faucet is already starting to slow down. And, by sixty years old it has all but shut off.

This is when the more rapid aging starts. Many more cancers begin to show. Arthritis's really begin to pop up.


For most the major aging problems do not show until later. By that time the problems show up as "un-announced" or so we think. But they have been growing silently inside us waiting to be announced.

There are some diseases that will show up in earlier adulthood. Diabetes, Different types of MS, Gerds, Atherosclerosis, Heart Disease, Obesity just to name a few

Back to the "How!?!" Getting this under control early can probably save you a ton of doctor visits along with major hospital stays too.

Back To The How!?!

How do I stop this from happening in the first Place?

Eating properly is a major start, yes eating your veggies! Eat more raw veggies too! And your fruits too! But this is no longer enough.

Science has progressed enough to warrant taking a good look and things like probiotics because it's not what you eat, but what your body digests.

Antioxidants are also big-time important as our bodies begin to slow down with age, we should be pounding down the antioxidants more and more to compensate for what our bodies are not doing as well anymore.


Did you know water can be an antioxidant? Yes it can!


When the water you drink has a negative ORP that means it has antioxidant powers. The more negative, the more the antioxidant it is. Or the more positive, the more oxididating it is. So what does that mean?

Oops, I'd best let you know what ORP means..... Oxidation, Reduction, Potenial. That is what those letters stand for.

In makes more sense by saying the potential to reduce oxidation. But that is just how the PHD's say it....

Negative ORP is helping to take out the free radicals in your body. That is power.

13,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 is what an average adult has in free radicals in their body at any given time. that is allot, it's 13 sextillion! What a crazy number!

H2 Viva is a Hydrogen Tablet you can drop into a bottle of water let dissolve then drink.

We use these everyday and I must say when we do forget and go a day or so without, I do feel a difference.

And NOT for the good!

This really makes a difference!

Products To help Slow This Down

H2 Viva is a Hydrogen Tablet you can drop into a bottle of water let dissolve then drink

Here are a few good products that are easy to use and will produce great results: H2 Viva, A tablet to put into water, seal the lid, wait about 20 minutes then drink. Protandim, a product I have spoke of before. CoreEFA's from Core Health. these are all products I use to bring down the free radicals. My Club Hydrate H2 Viva

Here is a link to our Alkaviva site for great nutritional water
My buddy Shan Stratton, owner of Core Health Products, says, and I agree,

“If you do the same things today that you did yesterday, you will have the same problems tomorrow that you have today." It’s time for change in our gut to produce a better tomorrow.

Good News!

We are now accepting sixteen new people who want to become involved in the field of nutrigenomics for long term benefits.

Live healthy with by following healthy habits which include the Nutrigenomics from LifeVantage.

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